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Why Virtual Circles?

TFest has introduced a brand-new way of keeping the industry connected, virtually.  With the current world climate limiting where we can travel, we are bringing the discussion to you, to keep our community engaged, interacting and helping each other – together, anywhere.

We’re moving forward – with our community spanning so many countries around the world, our priority is to keep delivering information and cultivating relationships despite travel limitations.

The next TFest Virtual Circle will be on 30 April 2020.  Similar to the Circles hosted at TFest, these will be video chats for the luxury travel community to interact and discuss relevant and current topics in the luxury travel industry.

The Virtual Circles will be hosted by one of our speakers from TFest 2020. We are excited to have:

Virtually the same

Thursday 30 April 2020  

Tara joined NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX in 2001, spending 18 years in engineering and science roles for the International Space Station. In 2019, she and her family moved to Washington, D.C. where she joined NASA’s Chief Scientist Office as an Associate Chief Scientist. 

Her current role is to support NASA’s chief scientist by developing research recommendations for human exploration of space. Tara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a PhD in Neuroscience, and a MA degree in Anthropology-Archaeology. She’s authored numerous publications and she also holds a U.S. utility patent. She’s a 2013 astronaut applicant finalist, and because she loves new challenges, she’s a frequent speaker for a wide range of exciting scientific topics that are relevant to current events and societal challenges in a way that’s engaging and fun for a variety of audiences.


9am BST (10am CET, 12pm GST, 4am EDT)

5pm BST (6pm CET, 8pm GST, 12pm EDT)


Tara Ruttley, Space Scientist

In novel times like these, it helps to rationalise our way through the challenges.  We look at the role of novelty from a neuroscience point of view and discover how it affects our brains, while exploring ways to stay grounded, be creative, and remain rational amid the current health crisis. 

How novelty links to fear, creativity & resilience

15 April 2020   -   12pm (BST) 

& 5pm (BST), London time zone



Join the community and keep the travel industry together, anywhere.

Each Virtual Circle will last for one hour and can accommodate up to 20 participants in one group.

There’s much more to come, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 
Watch this space and stay connected.  


Tara Ruttley

The speakers

Magdalena is a travel marketing strategist captivated by behavioural trends, neuroscience and new lifestyle concepts. With 10 years of multi-market experience across client and agency sides, she is passionate about developing brand strategies for travel business. A true believer in the importance of humane branding and 'new luxury' concepts based on a strong community feel, well-being, sustainability, passion, contribution and growth. 


Magdalena Osmola

Magdalena Osmola, Marketing & Wellness Strategist

This Circle will help us to understand the impact of fear on performance. We’ll introduce hacks on how we can shift our mindsets to lead with calm responsibility & practical optimism. Starting with ourselves, we can then apply those changes to business recovery planning.
Flow is the ultimate state of human performance, a higher state of consciousness, when we both feel and perform our best. In these exceptional times, it’s important to create a new routine, both personally and professionally. Simple daily activities can boost our immunity, critical thinking skills, innovation and creativity; assuring readiness to face challenges, to adapt and to recover.
Discover how, by drawing on neuroscience, positive psychology and behavioural theories, we can find practical ways to maintain flow and peak performance.

Peak performance in times of crisis: leading with calm responsibility & practical optimism

15 April 2020  9 am (BST)  &pm (BST), London time zone



Mirjam Peternek-McCartney, CEO, Lemongrass Marketing

As many travel brands will have much smaller budgets available post the travel ban, it can be hard to know how to allocate that budget to reach the right kind of travellers. “Customer journeys in a digital age have fundamentally changed. Travel brands need to understand what that change means for them and what they need to do to future-proof their marketing, communications and content plans.”

- How do I use data to make informed decisions about where to invest my marketing budget?
- Which channels are the right ones for my brand?
What are some tools and techniques to correctly profile my audience?
How do I go about campaign prototyping and mapping out guests’ customer journeys to make sure I am there for them with the right messages, delivered in a personalised way, at the right time?

Post-pandemic recovery: future-proof your marketing plan and understand the new digital consumer

30 April 2020   -   
9am (BST) & 5pm (BST), London time zone